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Like Most People - Australians Love a Festival ...

... or a Community, Cultural or Sporting Event!

There are hundreds of different events held all over Australia and it would be very safe to say you will be able to find one is held every day in some part of Australia.

Festivals and Cultural Events in Australia Cover a Large Range of Genres

Trades and Markets

•   Fairs - School Fetes - Car Boot Sales

•   Food Markets - Fruit Markets - General Markets

•   Trade Shows - Home Shows - Royal Shows

•   Car Shows - Boat Shows - Camping Shows

•   Farm Machinery Shows - Car Concourse Days

Performing Arts and Music

•   Adelaide Performing Arts Festival

•   East and West Coast Blues Festivals

•   Tamworth and other Music Festivals

•   Comedy Festivals and Arts and Folk Festivals

When the City Celebrates

•   The Sydney Festival

•   Melbourne's Moomba Festival

•   The Darwin Indigenous Festival

•   Brisbane River-Fire

•   Alice Springs Todd River Regatta

Aussies LOVE their Sport

•   AFL Grand Final - ARL Grand Final

•   Cycling Events - The Australian Open Tennis

•   Horse Racing Carnivals - The Melbourne Cup

•   Yacht Racing Carnivals - Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race - Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race

•   Off Shore Boat Racing Events - Rodeos

Fun for the Community

•   Classic Car shows - All American Car Days - Rolls Royce and other Cars Club Days

•   The Fishing Festival - Garage Sales - Swap Meets

•   Country Fairs - Gala Events

•   Antique Fairs - Fundraisers

Crafts, Health and Lifestyle Fairs

•   Patch Quilt Shows - Flowers Shows

•   Craft Shows and Exhibitions

•   Bridal Shows - Life style Exhibitions

•   Health Shows - Swimming Pool and Spa Shows


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